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“Innovate or Die.” – Peter Drucker

Transformation through Collaborative Innovation

Our outcome-based consulting and leadership coaching advance your organizational and individual goals.

We help leaders and organizations develop innovative skills by teaching a new mindset that can upgrade current leadership skills.


Hire me for organizational workshops. I teach organizations how to build cultures of innovation, how to lead through an innovative lens or how to advance your innovation/invention.


Hire me for a speaking engagement. I am an internationally known and highly sought after speaker on building a culture of innovation and the future of nursing.



Hire me as your coach. I partner with  leaders to use an innovation lens to improve leadership effectiveness and provide nurses with entrepreneurship/business development coaching.

Hackathons & Pitch Events

Hire me to assist with your Hackathon or Pitch Event.  I work with the largest healthcare professional organizations to create successful Hackathons/Pitch Events.  These fun, collaborative problem-solving events help to tackle challenges, teach new skills and engage employees.

Startup and Investor Advisory Services

Hire me to help ensure that your strategy is sound and that there are no “blind-spots”. I assist investors in identifying issues and workflow gaps that can derail strategic investments.


Hire me to consult. I assist organizations in building cultures of  innovation.  Let’s talk about how your organization can advance to the next level of their innovation journey.

This year at #WHCC20: A workshop on Intrapreneurship: Advancing Creativity and Innovation in Your Organization

Speaking Events that Engage

  • Advancing Innovation
  • The Future of Nursing Practice

Consulting Services that Drive Innovation

  • Incorporating clinicians in the design and development of technologies and processes.
  • Working with investors in identifying “blind-spots” that can impede growth.

Coaching that Optimizes Performance

  • Mentoring Healthcare Start-Ups.
  • Coaching Leaders to Lead Through an Innovative Lens.
  • Coaching organizations to Build Cultures of Innovation.
  • Coaching nurses to develop new business and to be entrepreneurs.

Hackathons & Pitch Events

  • Facilitating events to engage and educate employees, while advancing innovation within your organization.

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The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey

“Dr. Bonnie Clipper and her colleagues are driving innovation in healthcare. This book is encouraging, at a time when countless leaders require hope and validated models. It is also encouraging for any of as- as consumers of healthcare- who need to apply evidence-based practices to innovations. Thank you :).” – Doug G.

“This book is full of resources! From how to get and KEEP nurses in engaged in innovation to helping nurses just start their amazing ideas, this book is a must read!” – Tobi T.

“WOW! This book is value-PACKED! If you have an idea you’d like to act on, I’d encourage you to start with this book. The authors of each chapter have already experienced success as entrepreneurs and have brought their unique experiences to you right here. You’ll learn actionable tips to guide you every step on your journey to entrepreneurship. Written for nurses, but applicable to all would-be entrepreneurs. Great job everyone!” – Michael W.

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The Innovation Roadmap: A Guide for Nurse Leaders