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New Care Delivery Models

Virtual Nursing Care Delivery Models

We start by assessing your organization’s readiness to change and we help you evaluate your current practice model to make the necessary adjustments in order to transition nursing workflows into a virtual nursing care delivery model. A well thought virtual nursing care delivery model requires careful consideration of everything from the goals (and use cases), value proposition, return on investment considerations, leadership and organizational structure approach, governance model, measuring performance and outcomes, and nursing-based workflows.

Build a Culture of Innovation

Using Innovation to Solve Your Real-world Problems

If you are looking to solve a current vexing problem, we can assist your team with an interactive, hands-on workshop. By working side-by-side with your team, using your current challenge, we are there with you to generate creative, new solutions that can be tested, priced out and piloted by the end of the session. This is also a great way to build innovation related competencies for your team.