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Dr. Bonnie Clipper DNP, MA, MBA, RN, CENP, FACHE is a thought-leader and top nurse influencer and is one of a small number of nurses with the experience of building innovation programs.  Bonnie has over 30 years of experience as a nurse, including more than 20 years as a nurse executive.  Prior to joining her role in health tech, Bonnie was the first vice president of innovation for the American Nurses Association and created the innovation framework, the innovation journey that is bringing 4 million nurses into the innovation space.

Her passion is providing thought leadership, strategic direction, coaching and education to leaders and organizations wishing to change their culture to become more innovative.  She speaks internationally on topics of innovation, radical collaborations and the future of nursing.  Bonnie is certified as a Master Coach, certified in Executive Nursing Practice and certified in Healthcare Management.

Dr. Clipper is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow alumna and an ASU/AONE Executive Fellow in Health Innovation Leadership alumna. The central focus of her work includes the future of nursing practice, building cultures of innovation and importing the voice of the nurse into the design/development of technology.

Dr. Clipper completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice at Texas Tech University.  She received a Master of Business Administration from Lewis University, a Master of Arts in Health and Human Services Administration from St. Mary’s University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Winona State University.  Bonnie was honored in 2013 with the AONE Mentor Award and was recognized in 2015 with Distinguished Alumni Awards at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Winona State University.

She serves as Clinical Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso, is adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and the University of Texas at Austin.  She has published on the impact of robots on nursing practice, The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation, an international Amazon Best Seller, co-authored The Innovation Roadmap: A Guide for Nurse Leaders and wrote The Nurse Managers Guide to an Intergenerational Workforce.


Bonnie is an outstanding problem solver. Great critical thinking skills. Inspiring thought leader. Gets things done. Motivates others. Does not accept status quo.

Betty N. - Long Beach, CA

Dr. Bonnie Clipper, my Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Colleague, led a group of hospital executives through an exceptional presentation about creating a culture of innovation. She captured her audience and kept the attention of every executive for the two hour period. There wasn’t a question about innovation she could not field and she commanded the room with her presence, knowledge, and 20+ years of CNO wisdom. Dr. Clipper lead the group with exercises and strategies to promote innovation within an institution to garner high outpatient and improved patient outcomes. Great Job!

Tami W. - Knoxville, TN

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