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Dr. Bonnie Clipper’s latest book “The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey” is now available for sale in Amazon

The Nurse's Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey

The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey, the latest book of Dr. Clipper and her accomplished team of authors, is now available on Amazon.

The book is a “how-to” guide for nurses, nurse leaders, and even other clinicians, who have inventions, innovations and an entrepreneurial spirit. No matter where you are on the journey of innovation, whether you have just come up with the “million-dollar idea”, are a few years into your business, or want to learn to think like an innovator, this book is a great resource.

Written for nurses, by nurses this book shares personal stories of both failure and success and presents readers with the tactics that are key to successfully advancing any innovative idea.

About the author

Dr. Bonnie Clipper is currently the chief clinical officer at Wambi, a health tech company. She is known as an expert in the nursing innovation space and was the first vice president of innovation for the American Nurses Association where she created the innovation framework that is inspiring 4 million registered nurses to participate in innovation to transform health. Prior to that Bonnie spent more than 20 years in executive nursing roles.

She is a top nurse influencer in LinkedIn and speaks internationally on nurse-led innovation and the future of nursing. Dr. Clipper is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow alumna and an ASU/AONE Executive Fellow in Health Innovation Leadership alumna.

She has published on the impact of AI and robots on nursing practice, was the lead author on the Amazon, international best-seller, The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation, authored The Nurse Managers Guide to an Intergenerational Workforce, and co-authored The Innovation Roadmap: A Guide for Nurse Leaders.

We have asked Bonnie a few questions to learn more about her work in innovation.

Q. What has inspired you to write the “The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey”?

A. As I traveled around the country speaking on the topic of nursing innovation, I came across many nurses who had amazing ideas and needed help to prototype, protect, fabricate, distribute, fund and market their ideas. During that same time, I also had the pleasure to connect with many nurse innovators and entrepreneurs who are doing amazing work. I thought that it was important to shafre the knowledge from our group of authors with those who were seeking answers. I was able to build a group of eight authors to collaborate to write the book. It took us a year to write, identify a publisher and take the book to the market. In the first 30 hours after the launch, we became an Amazon best-seller in six countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia and Spain. That is unheard of for a nursing book, this proves that the demand is there. The feedback that we are receiving on the book is overwhelmingly positive.

Q. How has the role of the nurse changed in innovation? Where do your see the impact of your book going?

A. I am passionate about educating nurses and working with organizations to build cultures of innovation. So often nurses have to create work-arounds, or have “MacGuyver” moments just to provide care to their patients. Nurses don’t call themselves innovators and they should, we were never taught to. I hope to change that by educating nurses, leaders and even nursing students. As nurses we also need to speak up more and lean into the conversations to share our knowledge and expertise. Afterall, we spend more time with patients and their families than any other member of the clinical team, we know the continuum of care from entry point to exit, and we know workflows. Nurses know many of our challenges and they have many of the solutions. The book will educate nurses on how to advance their ideas and solutions so they can be part of the innovation ecosystem to transform health.

Dr. Clipper can be found on LinkedIn and @ThoughleaderRN.