Highlighting Our Company’s Achievements in Innovation and Nursing

A Year of Innovative Achievements

Launch of the Virtual Nursing Academy™ 

We embarked on a groundbreaking endeavor by introducing the Virtual Nursing Academy™—a visionary platform designed to shape the future of virtual nursing education. By harnessing the power of technology, we have created an immersive and accessible learning experience that empowers nurses to expand their knowledge, skills, and impact while building a virtual nursing care delivery model. 


Hosting of Virtual Nursing Meetups 

Amidst the changing landscape of nursing, we created a community through our Virtual Nursing Meetups. These gatherings brought together passionate professionals, sparking captivating conversations and cultivating a collaborative spirit that has been amazing to see. 


Empowering the Nursing Community with Free Resources 

We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and have released a series of free tools created specifically for the nursing community. From the comprehensive “Use Cases of Virtual Nursing” tool to the transformative “3W Culture Framework™ for Building a Culture of Innovation,” we are committed to equipping nurses with the resources they need to thrive. 


Release of “The Innovation Handbook: A Nurse Leader’s Guide to Transforming Nursing” 

Dr. Bonnie Clipper, an esteemed leader in nursing innovation, has released a book delving into the urgent need for transformation in nursing. “The Innovation Handbook” serves as a guiding light for nurses and nurse leaders, empowering them to drive positive change and elevate the standards of care with a sense of urgency. 


The Impact: Empowering Nurses, Transforming Care 

The Virtual Nursing Academy™ and our Virtual Nursing Meetups have spanned the boundaries of nursing development and collaboration. By embracing technology, we have nurtured a community that transcends geographic limitations, enabling nurses to connect, learn, and grow. The impact of these initiatives extends far beyond the individual nurse—it ripples through healthcare systems, empowering nurses to drive innovation and deliver exceptional care to their patients. 


A Year of Growth: Charting New Horizons 

As we reflect on this remarkable year, we are humbled by the growth and progress we have achieved. The passion and dedication of our team, combined with the unwavering support of the nursing community, have propelled us forward. Together, we have embraced innovation, fostered collaboration, and paved the way for a brighter future in nursing. We are challenging ourselves to do more and create a more significant impact in 2024! 

Unleash Your Potential 

We invite you to be a part of our journey and join the Virtual Nursing Academy™. Experience the transformative power of innovative education, connect with like-minded professionals, and shape the future of nursing together. Visit virtualnursingacademy.com to embark on a path of growth, excellence, and endless possibilities.